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#UNK -

General Info:
Owner's Name: N/A
City: N/A
State/Province: N/A
Country: N/A
Car Info:
FE Sequence Number: UNK
VIN: 102692
MDH: 0502xx 
ACR (Y/N): No
Dealer & location: N/A
Mods: RSI 700 Includes:
510 Stroker Engine, J.E. Pistons,
Manley Rods, RSI Camshaft,
RSI Cylinder Heads, Blue Printed Motor, RSI 1.75 SLS Headers, High flow catalytic converters, Stage 5 Clutch, Aluminum door sills, HRE R series wheels, Eradi-speed custom rotors, GTS gas cap, New Pilot sports, Front brake lines, Drag Brake line kit, NOS progressive kit
Web Site: N/A
Comments: Original delivery to Texas. For Sale, Aug 06, 5400 miles, Houston, TX.