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#199 -

General Info:
Owner's Name: N/A
City: N/A
State: N/A
Country: USA
Car Info:
FE Sequence Number: 199
VIN: 102835
MDH: 0520xx
ACR (Y/N): No
Dealer & location: N/A
Mods: Burla Exhaust
Web Site: N/A
Comments: For Sale Aug 09, Woodland Hills, CA, 19,500 miles.

For sale is a beautiful red & white special addition Viper. only 360 made. this one is number 199. Mr Jay Leno has the number 1. this car was always parked in the garage. covered. never driven in rainy/cloudy day. still with like new original tires. because I never race anyone (OK only 1 lambo) always maintained on time (records available) put burla exhaust system. the car is in perfect condition. and the lucky guy will be happy with it.