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#221 -

General Info:
Owner's Name: Sam R
City: Montgomery County
State: MD
Country: USA
Car Info:
FE Sequence Number: 221
VIN: 102731
MDH: 0429xx
ACR (Y/N): N/A
Dealer & location: Moreno Valley Dodge, Moreno Valley, CA
Mods: by West Coast Viper
Underdrive pulleys $495.00
Header system B&B race kit $2400.00
Hi-Flow cats (metal substrate) $458.00
B&B cat back system $925.00
Install all above $936.00
Tune pcm and dyno test $451.00; tinted windows, short shifter, and K&N filters
Web Site: N/A
Comments: For Sale Nov 03, 2000 mi; Aug 06, 23,850 miles, Ringgold, GA; New owner, Feb 07.