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#253 -

General Info:
Owner's Name: Cody Reich
City: Vancouver
State: Washington
Country: USA
Car Info:
FE Sequence Number: 253
VIN: 102756
MDH: 060514
ACR (Y/N): No
Dealer & location: Latham Motors, Twin Falls, Idaho
Mods: N/A
Web Site: N/A
Comments: Delivered 7/7/02

Special Note:

"My wife and I bought our Final Edition GTS #253 brand new and it has been a dream car for us.  We enjoy it so much that we thought it would be neat to have a early Generation 1 viper too.  The opportunity was presented to us to purchased an early 1992 RT/10 Viper and we jumped on it.  Now we get to enjoy one of the very first built Vipers and one of the very last of the Generation 2's built.  Could you image our surprise when one day we looked to see when they were built and found this...... (see picture)

Not only is it rare to have one of the very first built RT/10's and one of the very last built GTS's, but they were built on the EXACT same hour, of the EXACT same day, of the EXACT same month...... 10 years apart!  June, 5 2:00 PM (06-05-14) Twilight Zone?  I think I found my lotto numbers!"