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#264 -

General Info:
Owner's Name: Jim Bruckart
City: Chambersburg
State: PA
Country: USA
Car Info:
FE Sequence Number: 264
VIN: 102873
MDH: 052907
ACR (Y/N): No
Dealer & location: Maxwell Dodge, Austin, TX
Mods: None
Web Site: www.bruckart.com
Comments: Coordinator for the Final Edition Registry Project and www.FEViper.com

IT'S ALIVE - FE 264 Spent the past 3 years (2006-2009) stored in a vinyl 'bag' in an unheated garage (while I worked in Germany for the US Army).  The right rear tire needed air, but the remainder were still firm.  No leaks or rust were observed.  After 30 minutes charging the battery, the engine 'turned-over' and 40 miles later it is now on a battery tender in a heated garage.